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Strawberry John

Strawberry John has been producing timeless, classic designs since the mid 90’s. We first met Strawberry when we opened Mountain Jam back in 2000. Apparent with Strawberry’s glass was the unique artwork. Also apparent to us, was that the quality of build in Strawberry’s glass was far ahead of what we were seeing here in Eugene. We started selling Strawberry’s glass wholesale to stores and quickly became his sole distributor. This relationship has continued and grown over the years, right along side of Strawberrys’ growth as a glass artist.

We are proud to say that we are still selling his glass, and selling more of it now than ever. Easily our best selling artist and since the website went live with direct sales to the public, you can purchase Strawberry John glass directly from us.  We carry every design he makes and stock more Strawberry glass than anywhere in the world.